Are your Supplements Good for You?

Are your Supplements Good for You?

Are your supplements good for you? The answer is… not always.

Some supplements aren’t made with your health in mind. Cross contamination is unfortunately common in supplements, and it happens for two reasons:

  1. Supplements are made by giant machines that run many different formulas. It’s possible residue from a problematic blend might get into a clean one. Additionally, some manufacturers may not be thorough with cleaning.
  2. Some supplement companies include ingredients in formulas that they don’t declare on packaging. These ingredients can be WADA and NCAA banned stimulants that increase the perceived effectiveness of the formula. It’s totally messed up.

Important things to look for in a supplement to know it’s safe:

  • CGMP certification: This stamp of approval certifies that the product has been created in a facility with Current Good Manufacturing Practices according to the FDA. This means that the production facility uses good quality raw materials, maintains robust laboratories, effective quality control, and uses modern technologies. 
  • NSF Certified for Sport. Look for this stamp to know that a product has been third party tested for banned ingredients and was given the all clear. This is the gold standard in American sports nutrition and is recognized by the US Anti-Doping Agency, the NCAA, and many major sports leagues including the NBA and NFL.
  • The Data: What ingredients are in the supplement? Why? Does the company provide reasons? Citations? Data? Do they say “Trust us, it helps with PMS” or “A study by Dr. Nahid Fathizadeh found that magnesium and vitamin B6 supplementation was found to significantly decrease PMS severity (2010).” The second statement is much, much better.

by Riley Decker

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