U.S. Women’s Soccer Headed to the Next Level

U.S. Women’s Soccer Headed to the Next Level

The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team has dominated global soccer in Women’s World Cups, winning 4 out of 9 championships, and placing in an addition 4. (We don’t have to talk about their early loss in 2023…) Despite their incredible work ethic and multi-champion status, women’s soccer has been historically underfunded and had low viewership.

The National Women’s Soccer League was established in 2012, and frequently broadcast games over YouTube, with championships being held in 5,000 person stadiums. As of this month, that’s officially changing. 

Women’s soccer is headed to the next level in the United States. The NWSL championship game between Gotham FC and OL Reign hosted over 25,000 fans. NWSL commissioner Jessica Berman announced the largest media deal in women’s sports history:

  • Games will be broadcast on Amazon, ESPN, CBS, and Scripps Sports
  • The deal totals $240M over 4 years
  • Over 100 NWSL games will be broadcast to national audiences in 2024

What does this mean for the future of women’s sports?

The NWSL is continuing to grow and will see the addition of 2 more teams in the 2024 season, bringing the total to 14 teams across the nation. This media deal will increase sponsorship opportunities for both the league and athletes alike. 

This media deal is a positive step in achieving equality and respect toward women’s sports. The WNBA will renegotiate media deals in 2025, leading to a possible increase in presence of women’s basketball as well. Increased TV presence of women’s sports will guide the industry toward increased viewership, sponsorship opportunities, and financial gain for those who invest in women’s sports. 

by Carlyn Johnson



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