Our Story

Ruby began in a dorm room in 2022, when co-founders Riley and Emily were writing their senior thesis. They spoke to female athletes at all levels, from recreational competitors to collegiate athletes, and even Olympians at the top of their game. Through it all, one thing became clear: women's period symptoms were negatively impacting their training up to 25% of the time, and there were no products built to help. As a Division I tennis player and competitive powerlifter, Emily and Riley knew they had to fix it.

Co-Founders Emily and Riley pose back to back with arms crossed in front of a pink background. They look like badass business owners.

Co-Founders Emily Untermeyer (left) and Riley Decker (right). 


Emily was a Division I tennis player and loves sharing her passion for sports with the next generation of female athletes. She is also a NASM Certified Sports Nutrition Coach.


Riley Decker has been a powerlifter for 3 years, and loves everything to do with getting women in the weight room. She is currently in med school.