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Ruby Relief

Ruby Relief

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Bloating, cramping, and fatigue from your period messing with your performance? Ruby has your back.

Your period doesn't have to put you on the bench. That's why we made a pre-workout drink mix from all-natural, third-party-certified ingredients. Our all-star lineup of ingredients have clinical support for reducing bloating, fatigue, and cramps so you can give it your all, always.*

Product contains 10 powder sticks, which is a one month's supply.

How to Use

Take 1 serving with 8oz of water daily. For best results, start use 3 days before your period starts until your period is over.

Safety & Quality

Ruby uses a third party to test all products for safety and quality. Our products are also certified as safe for sport, which means that every product is NCAA and WADA compliant. This certification also guarantees that what's on the label is exactly what's inside.

How it's made

The founders of Ruby combined their knowledge as certified Sports Nutrition Coaches with the expertise of a PhD of Nutritional Sciences to create Ruby Relief.

  • Woman Owned
  • Safe for Sport
  • Built for Your Period Needs
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Questions? Email us at ruby@performwithruby for more information

More on Our All-Star Ingredients:

Vitamin B6

B6 has been linked with decreases in PMS symptoms, especially when paired with magnesium. It also has positive effects on mood and nausea.


This is the second most common electrolyte in the body and is critical for many of our metabolic needs. Most people are deficient, so increasing intake is associated with better exercise performance and PMS symptoms.


Zinc is important for efficient enzyme processes with numerous roles throughout the body, and is related to decreased PMS symptoms.

White Willow Bark

White Willow Bark is commonly referred to as nature's pain reliever. It helps reduce inflammation.

Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper can increase the absorption of our active ingredients to make sure your body is utilizing them as efficiently as possible.


Caffeine provides a much-needed energy boost, in addition to improving reaction time and blood flow. We include as much caffeine as a standard serving of coffee.


Omega-3s have anti-inflammatory properties, making them great for your heart. These properties relate to decreased cramping.